About Naomi

A little bit about Naomi

The dream of creating innovative and sustainable products for children arose when I became Naomi's mother. As a single mother, I often stumbled upon challenges that I felt could be solved by products being better adapted to the child's own needs. Naomi's frustrating anger that she couldn't manage to eat on her own without spilling, gave me inspiration to design the Naomi plate. A product that gives birth to children and adults to smile, and the feeling of mastery to grow.

Food and meals have always been important to me. What we put in our mouths something to say about how we feel and what we can provide. I was looking forward to sharing these moments around the table with Naomi. But it was not at all as expected. My planned communal meals usually ended in frustration and anger, and not at least a lot of pig. Naomi became frustrated at not being able to eat by herself, and that the spoon was empty when it reached the mouth. I myself became tired and fed up with a kitchen that was constantly messy and a child who could not eat the food I had prepared. The meals transformed slowly turned into a power struggle between us, a struggle on a rather sticky level battlefield.

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More about the idea behind Naomi

It is in my nature to think creatively when things don't work, and everyday situations have often led me to the drawing board in the hope of finding solutions. This was also the case this time. Our shared frustration became the start of a very special dish, Naomi's own dish. When I design products, nature's organic forms are often there as a backdrop. It is nature that I turn to, both to find solutions and to be inspired. Sometimes it is the immediate surroundings that give me the nourishment I need, other times I have to look further afield to find inspiration for the process I am in.

The Naomi plate should give children a sense of mastery, and the family food around the table. With care for the environment and the nature I am so fond of, it has been a matter of course that the product is as sustainable as possible, while the price should fit most wallets. As I grew up with a brother with cerebral palsy, it is natural for me to also think that the plate in a larger version can please adults who struggle with motor skills and coordination. This is an idea I will continue to work on, along with a number of other sustainable children's products that are already on my drawing board.

I hope the Naomi plate will find a natural place in your family, that the meals will is experienced more pleasantly and that the little one gets the good feeling of mastery by eating self. Nothing would have pleased me more! Good appetite!

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