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Silicone is not a type of plastic!

We love the little pod as well as the globe, so we only choose the best, namely 100% Pure Platinum silicone.

Many people think that silicone is a type of plastic, and it may seem that way, but that is completely wrong. Silicone is not plastic. Plastic comes with a ton of problems that we’d rather avoid. Our material is difficult to break down in nature, and it does not leak any toxic chemicals that can get into food and drink.

Silicone shares many of the positive properties that we know from plastic, but fortunately does not have all the downsides. Silicone is a collective term for a number of temperature-tolerant and water-repellent synthetic polymers, chemical compounds, which contain the element silicon, which is the second most common element in the earth’s crust. In our products we have chosen to use PLATINUM SILICONE , this type of silicone has a higher quality, is cleaner and therefore even safer and more durable.

The silicone we use is the same as that used in medical equipment. Because of its purity, it is preferred by the pharmaceutical industry. This type of silicone has better tensile and tear strength than regular silicone, and it is cured in a way that prevents it from yellowing. Platinum silicone is considered to be a cleaner silicone also with respect to the environment and recycling. Platinum silicone is more difficult to make due to the high temperatures required to cure the silicone. Once the silicone is mixed, it must be cast within 24-36 hours. For manufacturers, the compound is also more expensive to buy than the traditional silicone. If you want to read more about SILICON, you will find a lot of exciting things here; https://www.weddingbycolor.com/is-silicone-plastic inge

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